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Onan Bearings

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I have a Onan P220 That I am rebuilding.
When I got it the camshaft was in 4 pieces.
It took out the block when it exploded.
I have a new block and cam and I am starting to put it back together.
I ordered some cam bearings and ruined them putting them in.
My question is what kind of bearing driver to get to put bearings in.
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We had a round piece of stock just under the bore of the block and .008 less the bore of the cam bearing to push them, looks like a piece of round stock with a shoulder on it, my two cents.
That's about what the tool looks like in the tool manual

I cant seem to find one and I don't have anyway to turn one
Maybe a bearing and bushing installer set like these used on vehicles might have a close enough driver to fit,or you could modify one to work ?..most good parts stores stock these kits..(one pictured is from Harbor Freight)..


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That looks like it might work.
I will pick one up and see.Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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