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Onan and Briggs engine weight

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I am trying to fill in some missing engine data for the sticky. What I am missing is the weight of the various Onan engines. '

I am also missing the weight of the Briggs 16hp single used on the 4 wheel tractors.
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I'd love to know the two. I know the CCKA is about all I can get by myself while the 16 hp singles are no problem. I could weigh the CCKA but it's on the engine stand right now but I can get it when it comes off. Briggs single I have one on the floor but it's in pieces. Let me see what I can do but it will be a week before I can do it.
I'm sure it's more than 10lbs.... real sure of it. I had been grabbing some other CCKA's I have around here that are not assembled and they were hefty. When I grabbed one that is together for running to put on the motor stand I realized I was way out of my league quickly.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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