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Oliver 99
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Hi all. I'm a fairly new member to the forums. I'm a photographer and my father-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle-in-law are Oliver collectors. They have a family connection to the Oliver 70 and have a collection of over a dozen 70's in various states and years. My brother-in-law actually has the oldest known privately owned 70 in the US.

I'm a member of the Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Association and have taken quite a few pictures at the shows over the last few years, but my favorite is of my Father-in-law's 70. He parked it in the shade at the last gas-up and I got some great shots in front of the club's ice cream house. I have since made it into a print for the family and sold one to an Oliver collector at the last show.

I've wondered if any other Oliver collectors might be interested in a print. They are framed 16x20 on heavy stock gloss paper. I attached an example of the prints I've made.

I'd appreciate any feedback, good or bad. And if anyone is interested in a print, let me know. They cost me $35 to put together and that's what I'm asking +shipping. I just like knowing that my pictures are hanging in people's houses being appreciated.


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