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Hello All,

been a member for awhile, but havent posted yet before this. Thought a introduction was in order.

I am Dave Austin, and I live in Frisco, TX

I own a 1950 HG42 Oliver crawler.

Bought this machine about 4 months ago and have been going thru the drivetrain and undercarriage.

So far, I have replaced or rebuilt all the bottom rollers, main springs, bushings, seals, adjusted bearings, relined the gas tank, removed the non working generator and added a mini 12 volt alternator, rewired it all ,repainted and am working on a manually operated rear drag plow/blade to move some loose material when maintaining my gravel driveway.

Any other Oliver Crawlers out there living in the Dallas, TX area or anywhere close to me?

I would love to find others with crawlers locally to me to talk with. Looking (possibly) for parts as well. I think that I could use a better set of tracks, and would just love to find a factory Auxillary transmission so I have a low gearing

send me an email if your local!

[email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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