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oliver 88 crop row wide front end questions

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just bought one and wondering if anyone has the manuals for it? diagrams electric/ hydralic paperwork
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Welcome to MTF. 馃嵒

I've seen those available for sale online, don't know of any for free... maybe someone here has one and can help you out.
Thank you for the reply I have seen them and many are very over priced I was just wondering if anyone on here happened to have any for this tractor.
Contact Jen Sales for the Parts and Service Manuals. You can also get the IT Shop Manual. Overpriced - consider service to just have a tractor looked at is beyond what you would pay for complete manuals.
Not much on it for electrical. Starter, generator and lights if diesel. Add ignition for gas. Pretty simple tractors.
Some manuals dont cover the main parts---they expect you to know a fair amount yourself.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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