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So - i have a (if i remember correctly) 63 550 that i've started to use a lot more - as we are working on cleanup on our new property (trees, junk from 50 years ago, etc) and i've discovered that the wiring harness is.. uh.. "less than optimal"
(less than optimal is code for F*CKED)

so - i am thinking i'm going to re-do large portions of it - for instance, none of the warning lights seem to work, and several are pretty bad off, so i'm thinking i'll make a quick disconnect pigtail set for them so that if i have to remove the dash in the future it'll be just a few automotive style connectors.
likewise, the lights have been.. uh.. altered.. from their original wiring - i can't even really tell what they were trying to do, so i'm just going to assume it seemed like a good idea, but, was not.

i was looking at the wiring harnesses that steiner has, and i feel like they are just too steep for my purposes, since i have all of the connectors, heat wrap, connectors, etc. plus i'll be able to add some extra length to make things easier in the future.

so - i'm reaching out to you folks - any problem areas that i should pay particular attention to while i'm doing this?

also - my current starter solenoid has a bad coil for the contacts, but, also has a little button on the front that will roll the starter which i really like. Anyone know of a source for those?
i see a buzzer in the wiring diagram looks like it is in line with the oil light - 2 questions on that one - is it in SERIES with the oil light so if the bulb burns out will the buzzer still work?

I also see the generator indicator light, but, my machine has been converted to an alternator - it looks like it is 1 wire, so i am assuming that the indicator will still work since it should be putting out 12-14 VDC - anyone able to confirm?

thanks in advance!
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