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Oliver 1855 won't start when hot

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I have an 1855 Oliver Diesel that recently had an in frame overhaul. It starts great when cold and runs good but once it gets warmed up good if you shut it off it will not start again for about an hour, then it starts fine. Had the starter rebuilt and it turns over plenty fast to start. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be??? Thanks for any help.
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Really appreciate the reply. It does have the Roosamaster rotary pump. It sounds like this may be my problem but I'm not up at the farm right now to give your suggestions a try. Didn't have the problem before the overhaul but with the change in compression and new injectors could definitely see where this could be the problem now. When pulled down it blows a little smoke but not like some I have seen that were turned up pretty good. I will try the cool water on the pump and if that works will probably price getting the pump rebuilt but I know its pretty expensive. I have noticed just recently that the pump has developed a small leak so need to get it looked at anyway. Thanks again for the post.
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I didn't do the rebuild myself and the guy told me he didn't touch the pump. I would bet it's the pump but probably need to have valves/rocker arms checked too. I guess I can try the water on the pump and if that seems to work pretty much know that is my problem.
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