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Oliver 1800 B/C series Gas

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Have a friend who bought what was listed as a 1965 Oliver 1800. The serial # is 157-753-427 That makes this a 1850 according to how the #s run , It has 1800 emblems on the hood. Any one know of other numbers other than Tractor House? Or /And how do We find the identifying numbers on the engine to see if we have a 283 or 310 . Yes this is a gas Tractor. Thanks !
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I am not familiar with Oliver other than a neighbor has a couple. Perhaps the links below will help sort something out for you. With S/N 157-753-427 it's looking like a 1850 in the year of 1965. OLIVER 1850 SERIES 1964-1969

Here's a internet find: "There were several 'leftover' 1800 gas tractors that were updated and made into 1850s." and the comment went on to say, one of them had a S/N beginning with 157 Oliver 1800 Series B/C tractor information Oliver 1850 tractor information

The 4-Digit or 100 Series
Thank You.
I was wondering if you might have or know anyone on the forum that would have a service manual for a :

Cockshutt 1850 Tractor Service Manual 0-202
A-SMO202 Oliver & Cockshutt Shop Manual
1969 Oliver / cockshutt 1850 shop manual

^ It's all the same tractor, i've just seen different phrasings for it.
I think Oliver was USA / Cockshutt Canada.

Thanks -1979JohnDeere314
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