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Old vs New

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A few months ago, I got tired of push mowing my half acre yard. Found an older Craftsman mower on CG that works well, but as soon as it got hot in TX I realized that the deck on my older rider was too low to continue to use without killing my grass.

I go back to CG and find out that Sears advertises on CG. They have a display mower for sale. The best part is that it looks just like the Snapper mower I've always wanted. Now I have a new mower and got it for 50% off!! Pretty cool.

My questions to the MTF veterans is......where can I find newer / larger tires for my vintage mower. I can find the front tires, but the rear tires are not so easy.

The vintage mower id model # 131.96285

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.[email protected]/5045560014/[email protected]/5045571680/
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CG = Craigslist
craigs!! i think you confused some people haha..

so you want to buy a little rear engine rider, like a snapper from sears, but the pics you included are of a vintage ride on?
Sorry for the confusion. The pics are of the two mowers I have.

The black Craftsman I just purchased. It looks just like a Snapper.

The orange Craftsman I've had since April, but cannot use. With the deck height set at maximum, the mower basically scalps my grass. I figure that if I can find taller tires...I would be able to increase the deck height and use the mower year round.

I have looked everywhere for the rear tires on my orange Craftsman, but no luck. I'm hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction.
Check with one of the sponsors of MTF. I think they sell tires.
Going bigger might throw your mowing deck out of level, which you may be able to compensate for thru re-adjusting it.
Going bigger may also necessitate a different rim size, which may not come with the correct bolt pattern. Also check for clearances between fenders and frame, and other bolts on the frame behind the wheels/rims. Instead of using 'turf' tires, 'agr' tires might give you what you're looking for in height, width, and tread, using the original rims.
I think my grandfather had one like the orange one.His had solid front tires,does your's?
That's where I run into a problem. The rear tires are hard rubber and mounted permanently onto the rim. The rear tires are the same construction as the front tires....apparently hard rubber throw aways like on a dolley. Additionally, the rear rim appears to be a custom fit on the axle. The axle has a notch that slides into the rim to turn the wheel.

I hope I am wrong and a different set up is available!
Dirt...all four tires are solid.
Dirt...all four tires are solid.
It sounds like you have a keyed axle.If it is you can remve the wheels.Northern hardwear has a large suplly of complete rims
You may have to use some penetrating oil.Soak the tires & let them set.If you have access to a wheel puller you could probably remove them.If they dont budge you might add some heat with a torch.Be careful not to over heat & have a meltdown.I've used this method wit alot of success.
Dirt.....I believe you may have solved my problem. The "keyed axle" term is helpful. I actually found another thread referencing the same term. My axle looks identical, Hopefully, I'll be able to find a rim that fits a 3/4" keyed axle.
Dirt.....I believe you may have solved my problem. The "keyed axle" term is helpful. I actually found another thread referencing the same term. My axle looks identical, Hopefully, I'll be able to find a rim that fits a 3/4" keyed axle.
Happy days are here again!Happy wheel pulling.
I've already pulled them. They came off pretty easy. Hopefully, finding replacements will be the same. This is likely going to turn into a geometry test....replacing the wheels and keeping the deck level will be a challenge.
Those rear tires just don't look correct to me. I may be wrong (and likely am) but I'd bet that someone cobbled that setup together.
I buy most of my tires from they have very competitive prices and speedy service!

-they sell rims too :)
STW......I wondered the same, but I have had no luck finding a manual of photos of the mower. There is plenty of room in the wheel well for a taller tire / rim. The current rim is an exact match to the width of the axle.
Here is what the axle looks like:

http://[email protected]/5049579262/

There is a washer that is just to the left of the "keyed" portion of the axle. It looks like the washer is original to the mower.

The entire axle is 4.5". The axle from the outer washer to where the c clip insert is 2 5/8".
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