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Old Tiller Question

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I have an old (late '40's) tiller, a Roto-ette, I think is the brand. When I got it, the engine was pretty well shot and it had been sitting for years. I got a junk yard Briggs and installed it on the tiller and it runs fine. Not knowing any difference, I filled the differential with 80wt oil. Is there a better choice that I should be using?

Also, I need to consider changing the throttle control on the engine. It's got the adjustments on the engine and not set up for a cable. Probably can pick up a different setup from the mower shop (or another junk yard find???).
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I know you have to know better than posting this without a photo!

A late 40s' Roto-ette.... sounds facinating!
Only photo I have, but there are more on here that a couple members have that are close to identical.


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The manual calls for SAE 90 oil. With the chassis tube level, the tube should be half full.
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