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old speedex. help

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i got this a couple years ago. i havent done much with it but i have all the parts for it and will restore it one i get a place to put it so its not out in the weather. that is not the original engine and somebody made it electric start, im going to put aa older Briggs on it to keep the originality of it. i think its from late 30s early 40s but i dont know anything about it so any help would be greatly appreciated.

here is my flickr set with more pics if you want to look at them.[email protected]/sets/72157627073586480/with/5883400656/
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I think you have kind of a unique model Speedex there. I don't know the model but it looks like it should look like this one. This isn't my tractor but one that I found in a search. I THINK this is the only model that had a drive line like that but, then again, I'm no Speedex expert.

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I have this one , I think its a early 1940's model.


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that is almost exactly like mine, same front and rear wheels, same clutch setup, same drive lines. the only differences i picked up on are, the rear drawbar is a little longer in your pic, the seat mounts different and it doesn't have the post coming up behind the engine for the shifter. i think they are the same model just different years so if we could figure out what that is i would know what mine is.

edit: all the above was to jeff, i typed this as the other was posted

that looks much like mine but it is a little different, do you have the model of it?
i think its a model m-something. i found a site that shows many that look like mine that all start with m so i think i could be possible of that serries.
i think its a model m-something. i found a site that shows many that look like mine that all start with m so i think i could be possible of that serries.
Agreed. Which one is anybody's guess. Maybe some folks on that site could help you out. Saw more than one seat mount in those pictures so you may be right about the year thing. Good luck and get busy restoring it. Spring's coming!
well, i have one of those carport tent things and its a good size one and its got the tiger, cub and simp in it... the rest is filled with tires. as soon as we can sell some of the tires and i can get a spot for a restored speedex ill do it.

here is my thread on GTTALk if anybody wants to read up on it.
i thought one of them was yours, i dont remember which one i thought that of though
I have new site dedicated to Speedex tractors. Speedex tractors are in the same family as Wheel Horse, namely the Pond Family and are not well represented in a forum. Although there are a few Speedex forums out there, this one is free of spam, maintained, and free of advertisements.

It'll be a great place for Speedex owners!
There is a forum that has info on history and copys of all the manuals you can download and print. Trying from memory here, so hope is Note the ORG on end. Kind of a big Speedex owner's site. Click on each manual and starts with a picture of tractor. There ARE a lot of models for sure. The real old ones that have model T fronts are pretty neat looking rigs. Check out the show pictures to see.
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