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Old Snapper RER 25 Deck Spindle. Cannot find a replacement.

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I Bought this old snapper 6hp RER for $50. These have sentimental value to me since we had them as kids at my Mom and Dads. I plan on Restifying and using it..

After a trip to the car wash, I soaked the carb overnight and got it running great. I fired it up to mulch up the leaves and Unfortunately the deck spindle seems to be shot. I blade seems to be fairly newish and doesn't look bent. Seems to run good inside with the deck.

I cannot seem to find a Part# for the spindle. All the parts fiche's shows a silhouetted spindle and do not give a part# for it or any internal parts for it.

It is Snapper model 25065 . I'm not sure how to tell the series model of these yet. I'm just getting back into them after 30 years.
Any Ideas?


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Im going to pull the spindle this weekend. I'll pull it apart and put the shaft on the granite block at my shop and see if it is bent. Sure hope not.

I'll look for some part#'s on the bearings when I pull them. It Doesnt look like the flange is damaged. I remember seeing on like that after My Father ran over something in the late 80s on our big rider we used to have.

Good times.
When I kick the pto on theres a massive vibration that settles into somewhat of a orbital oscillation that slowly builds and then settles into a lower pitch vibrating hum.. I assume the bearings are shot and this weekend I aim to pull the spindle unit itself and see what I can find. The schematics show parts being available for the model above with a S designation on the end of the model # but not for my stated model #.
The S designation is on the parts fiche. Theres a 25065 parts fiche but that spindle on it is labeled as not available. Theres another parts fiche labeled 25065S that shows parts. I dont know if mine is a early model with a unsupported spindle or if the 25065S parts will interchange. I watched some videos on removing the spindle on various snappers last evening and it looks simple enough. I'll grab some bearings and run the shaft on the granite table or between centers if it has them and see if I cannot figure it out.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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