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Old Snapper RER 25 Deck Spindle. Cannot find a replacement.

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I Bought this old snapper 6hp RER for $50. These have sentimental value to me since we had them as kids at my Mom and Dads. I plan on Restifying and using it..

After a trip to the car wash, I soaked the carb overnight and got it running great. I fired it up to mulch up the leaves and Unfortunately the deck spindle seems to be shot. I blade seems to be fairly newish and doesn't look bent. Seems to run good inside with the deck.

I cannot seem to find a Part# for the spindle. All the parts fiche's shows a silhouetted spindle and do not give a part# for it or any internal parts for it.

It is Snapper model 25065 . I'm not sure how to tell the series model of these yet. I'm just getting back into them after 30 years.
Any Ideas?


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Before ordering parts , make sure there isn't something else stopping the spindle. Like the "blade brake". The replacement spindle is "7012524 YP" . There is a good source of data on the forum Index page . There's a "series 4&5 Parts book" , and a "series 4,5,6, and later service manual " free download.
The "25 inch" hasn't been made for many years. It's still popular in some quarters. because It's narrow and will fit through many "walk through" gates. Very hard to find blades I corresponded with a doctor in central TX who had one . He bought 26" blades and had a machine shop shorten them to 25" . I think they had narrower rear wheels and tires, too.
This was back around 2010 or so we began talking about him "re-powering" with a Honda GXV 340. I helped him look for blades and I'm a fair hand about searching the internet for Snapper parts ,and none were found ,someone may have started making them since.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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