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Old Snapper RER 25 Deck Spindle. Cannot find a replacement.

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I Bought this old snapper 6hp RER for $50. These have sentimental value to me since we had them as kids at my Mom and Dads. I plan on Restifying and using it..

After a trip to the car wash, I soaked the carb overnight and got it running great. I fired it up to mulch up the leaves and Unfortunately the deck spindle seems to be shot. I blade seems to be fairly newish and doesn't look bent. Seems to run good inside with the deck.

I cannot seem to find a Part# for the spindle. All the parts fiche's shows a silhouetted spindle and do not give a part# for it or any internal parts for it.

It is Snapper model 25065 . I'm not sure how to tell the series model of these yet. I'm just getting back into them after 30 years.
Any Ideas?


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It may be that you just need some new bearings. I figure they should be readily available from other sources. Fastenal has bearings, and will ship-to-store any you order for a pittance(shipping), while to your door will cost a bit more.
If you take it apart, and the housing is good, and the shaft is good, just replace the bearings. You'll have to drive out the old ones, etc, but it's not super difficult.
Warning, in case you don't know, do NOT put side load on the center race. It will destroy the bearing. Light tapping is ok, but not sledge hammer blows, except to remove the old, stuck-in-place worn out bearings in which case you don't care.
Snapper codes the model number. Yours was: model 25065

25 is the width of cut
06 is the series
5 is the hp
The last letter is the brand of engine installed, followed by suffixes for electric start, etc
I don't know what brand would be an S, could it be a B that is rusty or disfigured?
Yup, Mowjoe is right on the money. I looked right at the owners manual, knowing what I knew, and flipped things in my mind. Old brain, mebbe needs an overhaul.
My manual indicates use of "E" as an electric start version.
I have a 3314KVE ... 33" 14hp 8 series Kohler V=high vac E electric start, as far as I can figure.
To add to what CCMoe stated, you can order bearings from Fastenal, at reasonable prices for onsies and twosies, and have them shipped to your local store at minimum expense.
I ordered a pair of ball bearings and the shipping was less than a dollar. I figure they include my little bit in their weekly shipments from their central warehouse to the local store. To your mailbox or front porch costs a lot more.
I do not have any affiliation, but it might not be a bad idea as they seem to be well run are customer friendly, and display common sense about shipping.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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