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Old Snapper RER 25 Deck Spindle. Cannot find a replacement.

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I Bought this old snapper 6hp RER for $50. These have sentimental value to me since we had them as kids at my Mom and Dads. I plan on Restifying and using it..

After a trip to the car wash, I soaked the carb overnight and got it running great. I fired it up to mulch up the leaves and Unfortunately the deck spindle seems to be shot. I blade seems to be fairly newish and doesn't look bent. Seems to run good inside with the deck.

I cannot seem to find a Part# for the spindle. All the parts fiche's shows a silhouetted spindle and do not give a part# for it or any internal parts for it.

It is Snapper model 25065 . I'm not sure how to tell the series model of these yet. I'm just getting back into them after 30 years.
Any Ideas?


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I spent the better part of two decades repairing Snappers. There is virtually none of the spindle exposed, so bending one is highly unusual. You say the blade runs good inside the deck, which pretty much says it's not bent. Since you don't elaborate on why you think it is "shot", I can only speculate that the symptom is a vibration. If that is the case, check the belt and pulleys. A bad spot burned into the belt, a bent pulley, something lodged in a pulley, will cause lots of vibration. Without better info, that's what I got.
Tom's info is mostly correct, but the HP and series are backwards. 6 is the HP, and the mower is a series 5. Back then, they didn't designate engine brand on the model # sticker. I don't think there was ever a 6HP Briggs, so that pretty much means it's a Tecumseh. The "S" designation means electric start.
Maybe we could drink one of those engine restore products. They’re supposed to be an overhaul in a can. Maybe it could work for our old brains.
Very hard to find blades I corresponded with a doctor in central TX who had one . He bought 26" blades and had a machine shop shorten them to 25" .
Wow! A google search turned up gobs of hits. I hope he is more thorough when searching for tumors.

The rear tires were the same size as the 26" mowers. The 28" and larger had the wider tires.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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