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I feel all y'all's pain. I'll 56 tomorrow. I still wrench on things but it's getting harder and harder to bring myself to do it. After 40 years of wrenching on things I'm tired. Our trucks go to the garage to be fixed if it's major things. I still take care of small stuff.
I have a 73 SE 400/727 triple black numbers matching Charger I have no energy to restore. 馃槶

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First off...congratulations and good luck with the new home and the move.....I would just put a Fire Sale price on it and get rid of it...less to far a move is it?....Traveling is a real pain these days with this COVID stuff....and some people just don't like to travel any way.....but my wife and I have been doing it and really enjoying it......I am trying to get to as many National Parks as I can ...they are far as front row seats for the Stones.....are we talking front row, center? ;)
Of course! Front row center with a meet and greet before the show! I actually got to sit in one of the four seats sold in the orchestra pit for a Glen Campbell concert. We were so close, I could see the hairs on the back of his hands. I am sure everyone else in the theater wondered who we were (my wife, my mom, my aunt and me) and how and why we got to sit there. It wasn't the Stones but it was a very wonderful and memorable night. I'm in the process of selling off some of my unfinished projects for several reasons.
1. Some I no longer have the ability to complete.
2. To generate some $$$ for more useful things.
3. With my deteriorating health, I don't want my wife stuck with dealing with my "treasures" that she thinks of as useless and she won't know how to get rid of.
4. To get my focus more on the few projects I can do, without the guilt and misery of constantly seeing the stuff that I can't do. That has to improve my mental health.

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I do as much as I can although in my mind these things are no problem. Now, it just takes longer, and being retired I guess that is OK as long as the project still provides that satisfaction of work and reward.
I'm for that & you providing ample space so you can Easily access your Project. Project being a good thing, not a curse!
I recently made it to 67, what! Who me?!! That's OK, I am planning on being here for another 20 years, maybe more maybe less, I think I'm good for 25 who knows. . .
I intend on being busy during my time left here on this plane, to me it's work not having goals and ambitions. I was laid up for about two years fighting and winning the battle against Pancreatic cancer and believe me when I say just the thought of being able to go out and work in my little wood shop was a driving force brighter than any dream I had ever had. Sitting or lying in bed was my prison, I'd been active and outside my entire life doing making building things.
My late wife's dream car has been sitting for a few years with a blown head gasket, I had hoped to wait until my new shop was finished to take on the project knowing I would not be content to simply repair a head gasket. My plan to have a new shop with more than enough space to work comfortably in was put on hold.
Last September I decided to go ahead with the repair, which naturally included some goodies such as a cam etc. I've spent more than I had intended but at this point who cares, it's my little hot rod now and I am enjoying working on it. I could have been done with it but summer turned into winter and it will have to wait for warmer weather. Is it everything I hoped it would be? No, there are always things you could have done differently but that's OK, I can always change things, modify things or even replace things. We who grew up during the period of your car can appreciate your situation and your car, Steve McQueen, Bullet and the enjoyment both then and now.
Bottom line, go for it!
A 289 engine was much less than the bullet car, now days they would tell you to "LS swap it"!!!! (yes, they even do that to Mustangs)
I might "have" to in my 97 Trans Am project due to it also being a one of years.
Enjoy doing what your doing otherwise what's the point. Having both the time and money, it would be a shame for you to be without a Project.


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keep restoring it. i have a 1936 ford that i bought in 1985 and have only done a few things to it over the years due to career, family, kids etc. i will be retiring by the end of the year and i am looking forward to working on my '36 Ford.
remember life it temporary so go for it!!
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