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Old Guy In Colorado Rockies

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Greetings from the homestead here @ 7,500' elevation in the Rockies. I've been perusing the site for years and never really gave much thought to posting. Guess I'm finally getting around to it and I look forward to what could be ahead.

Appreciate all the folks that have posted info over the years, you made quite a difference for those of us who hadn't yet learned to use JD Parts Catalog. There's a ramp up period on their catalog, but once you learn how to navigate you're finally freed up/you did yourself a huge favor. i.e. There's a great deal of good info out on the web from folks with good intentions, but I learned the hard way one time that it's not all 100% accurate...YIKES!

I'm a novice who has owned, repaired, updated, bought & sold more JD 318s and 430 diesels than is helpful to bring to the memory of my devoted wife of 31 years. She's a great gal who turns the other way when the next one appears; secretly, I think she does a jig when each goes away!:dunno:

Finally got my original paint, 700 hour "keeper" '89 430 diesel dialed in with implements & such that I use at some point in our 4 seasons. Feeling mostly satisfied to the point the 430 is all I own at the moment. This sums up where she's at right now:
- HIGH intensity LED Headlights
- new high back seat
- spring assisted/tilt capable seat mount
- JD 60" deck
- JD Frame Extension
- JD PTO Extension
- JD Front weight bar
- JD Rear Weight Bar
- JD Weights:6x
- JD 4Way Quick Hitch
- JD Quick-Tach Plow
- JD Electric Clutch & 2K RPM PTO gear box with shroud
- JD 48" 3PT 2K RPM Tiller-2 hrs use when I got it last year
- JD Tow Behind 10 Cu. Ft Cart
- Old School (HD/HEAVY duty, 2x 1/2" steel frame members/not the new stuff) Brinly 3PT Single Bottom plow with Steel Drum Coulter
- Old School HD Brinly 3PT C-Tine Cultivator
- Old School HD Brinly 3PT 8-Disc Cultivator
- Carlisle HDAP tires
- Cast Iron Rear Wheel Weights, Chains
- the newest member of the "Green Family" arrived this weekend; a M047SBX Blower...complete with x-Series quick hitch and 4WD PTO shaft ( I obviously won't use these on the 430)
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