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Old Familiar tractor making a comeback

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So this story starts a long time ago with Hugh buying this GT19.9, using it for a while, turning it into a puller, breaking it, fixing it, then pulling the motor, and I ended up with the tractor. I fixed it up a little, tried selling it, ended up giving it to Robert (tractorhaulic) and I recently got it back so I can put it together for my son, and also I needed the motor for one of my other SS16's.

So here I am going to try to put some historical pics, and describe where I am going with it

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Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Asphalt

Vehicle Lawn Automotive tire All-terrain vehicle Tire

When Hugh First got it

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Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Bumper Vehicle registration plate Font

Vehicle Helmet Bumper Personal protective equipment Automotive exterior

GT19.9 "Bad Habit" setup videos

Hugh did a whole series on rebuilding this thing way back in the day, you can check his channel out with all the 19.9 footage at
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But, where is it going from here? Well, since my son wanted a Super 12 style tractor, I stripped most of the 19.9 materials off the chassis, got an older style dash mounted on it, put a 68 Super 12 grille I had lying around on it, 68 hood, and I had to notch the frame so the grille would clear since the older grilles have a tab that won't clear a newer frame, and I will be working on cleaning it up, and repainting it. As much as I hate to admit it, I am putting a predator in this tractor solely because they are cheap and usually always start without much hassle. I will be running a smaller drive pulley to keep ground speed down, and hopefully minimize the risk of injuries.

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Boy,that poor tractor has been thru a lot of changes !..but it will be great for your son,it'll have a much easier life than using it as a puller or yard mule..

Personally I like the Predator engines and clones of them,they are reliable,start easy,and rarely have any issues..

I almost bought a Yanmar one cylinder diesel at Great Woods 2 weeks ago,the guy had one for sale and it was a genuine Yanmar,not a China clone,but it appeared to only be a 4-5 HP ,I wasn't sure it'd be powerful enough --he wanted $100,probably could have talked him down some,but I decided to keep'd probably sit in my garage and collect dust like the dozen other engines I have hanging around knowing me,that is what happened with the GT 19.9,it never was even ridden once after I got it from you..

I also saw a two cylinder Wisconsin there that ran nice for $150 or B/O,but that thing weighs about 200 lbs,one of those would be cool on a Suburban,but I couldn't lift one now,never mind get it back to my truck a 1/4 mile away..
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Vehicle Motor vehicle Lawn Grass Wheel

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Vehicle Grass Lawn Car Wheel

Jake changes his mind and wants it with a 67 nose now which works for me because I plan to use the 68 hood it had for something else.

I cleaned it with engine degreaser and a pressure washer today, getting ready for paint.

Gonna be a nice teal, and antique white.

Slowly coming along.

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I'm actually wondering with what the pink has been applied to. Are you doing a build for breast cancer awareness? Just messin' with ya! :sidelaugh

Looks like you have a great base machine to do the resto on!
Wow, what a varied history, Here is his sister, Picture was dated 7/2015 and She will be going to the tractor show again next month.


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Wow, what a varied history, Here is his sister, Picture was dated 7/2015 and She will be going to the tractor show again next month.
Wow very nice tractor :fing02: , I wish we had tractor shows in this neck of the woods, is that the original steering wheel?, looks a little racy...I like.

And GT-80 that tractor needs some love after all that drama in it's past life lol
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the pink one is being built for my daughter - I can't remember if I started a build thread for it. Hers is a 1978 Roper 16T that had a briggs twin on it. I pulled some parts off for other builds, and am putting hers together as a nose-cone style tractor with the shorter ST16 hood on it.

I did get a tiny bit more work done this weekend on Jake's tractor, pressure washing it, and painting the hood and dash. Although, I may put the dash on Emmas machine only because it is a little further along than Jake's is.

More progress soon, I hope. Super busy at work the next few weeks


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I hear the busy at work. by the time I get home I don't feel like doing much in the evenings. I do try and do one thing each evening. Tonight will be to find the leak in the 12" tire.
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