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My name is Mark and I'm new here. It looked like a good place to be asking questions about my new to me CASE 222. My neighbor gave it to me. yes free. So I tore into it, and looked like a mess of wires had been slapped together. A very unprofessional job.
I then started from scratch and found a schematic. It looks like the starter solenoid and the neutral switch are the only things i could not find on the tractor. so I took the wire from the starter and placed it on the positive battery terminal, and took the black ground wire and placed it on the negative battery terminal... the starter rotated the motor, no spark from the plug.
I then performed an ohms test on the coil, it tests fine. I even ohms tested the wires that run from the coil to the switch, and from the coil to the rectifier, and from the rectifier to the stator. The wires check out to be good
Im concerned about the rectifier, it was wired up to the starter switch, but it was unbolted from the removable plate. I did an ohms test, but I dont know if i did it correctly.
The points looked extremely clean, and an ohms test was good on the points. I lightly sanded them anyway, and didnt touch them other wise.
My questions are, do I need a solenoid and neutral switch to get a spark? And can i bypass the rectifier? Do i need the battery to produce spark?
I want to start all over and make my own harness, what is the simplest way to do so
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