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Old 8hp toro garden tractor

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I need to make room for some other tractors, so I am thinning the herd a little.

Runs and starts good, original engine, no attachments.
3 speed transaxle, all fiberglass hood-fenders-grill.
I've never seen another, so I am assuming its kinda rare.

What's it worth?




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Unless you find someone specifically looking for that tractor....
I would say the value is not much unless it has attachments to
make it a usuable tractor.
What does it have for an engine? 8 horse Vert. Briggs? If it runs okay, I would say maybe $50 - $75 to the right person.
Sure would make cool puller, got anymore pictures?
If it runs okay, I would say maybe $50 - $75 to the right person
I would like to sell the whole tractor, not just the starter/generator.
Glenn, I'll take some more pics and post them.
I know this thing isnt worth alot, but I'd rather saw it in quarters than let it go for $50.
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It's just an old riding mower. How much would you pay for an old MTD or Sears mower without a deck? Where would a person ever find a deck for it?
Hey! that rear pan is the same as the old springfield I have! The frame looks similar too. There must be some connection.
It's just an old riding mower.
In some quarters around here, them's fightin' words. "Yup, and that's just an old 1957 Chevy!" It all depends on the eye of the beholder.


It's worth $100-150 tops, and you'd need to search hard for someone willing to pay you that much for it! Put it on eBay with a reserve of whatever you think it's worth or what you'll accept. You have nothing to lose and it'll prove the nay-sayers right or wrong. You may even get lucky and pull a P. T. Barnum from the sale (A sucker born every minute) and get more. And you're right about the starter though (except $35 is more like it for a used starter) it would be worth more parted out than whole anyway.

It's not restored, can't perform any work except ride you around the property, has no attachments, and parts are going to be nearly impossible to come by; so collectors won't bother with it unless they already have one, or the correct attachments, to use for parts or the base for their restoration with the intent of using yours as the parts machine.

Good luck.
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You are right ABC.That frame was also sold carrying Burns and Penfield badges.They were sold with both verticle shafts and horizontals.As for the just an old mower comment,as far as most people are concerned any brand is just an old junk rider.
Sorry about the old tractor crack. I was just trying to do a reality check. If I can get a Wheel Horse with a mower and snow blade for $250, what is a riding mower with out accessories worth?
I get stuff like that free form the junk-yard...

Keep it and enjoy it...
i have picked up free cubs,wheel horses and john deeres to most people brand doesnt matter,they are old junk riders to be hauled off.but to enthusiasts they can be toys,hobbies or collectibles.most enthusiasts try to keep the prices of their favorite brands down so they can keep their hobby cheap.the musclecar hobby used to be pretty cheap until the money guys got invovled,antique farm tractor prices have increased over the last decade.just try to by a running driving john deere model G for $1500 today.its a cheap motor hobby and one of the last ones left so most want it to stay cheap,me included but eventually the prices will start to creep up on the antique stuff.
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Doing research on old Toro tractors,i came across this thread.It was nice to see that i still agree with me years later :thThumbsU
that tractor is not just a piece cheep junk
toro build that for one year only most of them pulled a gang of golf course real mowers
they came with 8 and 10 hp kohler engines
that was the beginning of fiberglass most didn't survive because of the fiberglass
the color is not toro red but they told me they would except a red that was close mine isquite different it is a 12 hp kohler with 4 speed and headlights
so they are not just old junk
if you will notice it has the old bull tractor logo
second childhood


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i may pick one up no engine or mower has metal rear fenders and fiberglass hood for 75. im going to get an old snapper deck and fab it to work and a trailer to match and i think it will be sweet. i think its one of those mowers thats rare and collectable. IMO
I have a deck for one. I would trade it for another implement as long as it's not a snow blade. I would like a tiller or snowblower.
Welcome.....This is a pretty old thread, the participants are likely on to other things by now.
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