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OK.. here are the pictures Sears 12 - FINALLY

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I know, I'm a slacker. :( But in the mean time... picked up a YM1700 for $3000. Check them out...

Santa and Mrs. Claus joking with hubby about me plowing in my heels with a handbag. They just don't know.

Me with this thing on the back of the truck - Don't ask how we got that thing up the ramps. Or even better, how we got it down. It weren't purtty.


Daddy with his jealousy buy... mwuahahhaahaaa I still WIN!

Totally sulking that the stupid neighborhood association parked me. Glad I don't have one of those... there would be some houses burned down. :mad:

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OH NO JOKE!!! I LOOOOOVE these things. I'm telling you... a front end loader and NOTHING in my town is safe. I'll level things they didn't know existed. HA HA

Thanks! It came to me by accident... was advertising something on craigslist and offered to trade for garden tractor - not even mentioning the Sears - guy in Athens got back to me said he had this thing and would take $100 for it!

Congradulations :congrats:, looking good there :thThumbsU


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Dirt, Like the paint and the autograph. Can we get a close-up?
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