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OK.. here are the pictures Sears 12 - FINALLY

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I know, I'm a slacker. :( But in the mean time... picked up a YM1700 for $3000. Check them out...

Santa and Mrs. Claus joking with hubby about me plowing in my heels with a handbag. They just don't know.

Me with this thing on the back of the truck - Don't ask how we got that thing up the ramps. Or even better, how we got it down. It weren't purtty.


Daddy with his jealousy buy... mwuahahhaahaaa I still WIN!

Totally sulking that the stupid neighborhood association parked me. Glad I don't have one of those... there would be some houses burned down. :mad:

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I hope you get that tractor up and running soon. I would love to see a video of it on youtube
That's the grand plan. I'll order the carb soon (next week or so). I know it needs a battery too - other than that it's supposed to be good. So we'll see. I'll record the first turn over
I need a new carb also. Hugh is tryin to find one for me.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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