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Oils and additives to use?

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Going to be running my B414 (new to me) this winter for snowblowing my driveway.

I have questions on what oils I should be using.

Temps here can dip to around -30 degres Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) but at that temp we don't usually get much snow (other than drifts) and it doesn't happen very often.

What do you suggest you use for engine oil?

One friend suggested I use a lubricant additive to the diesel to decrease wear on my injection pump due to the lower sulfur levels in today's fuel. Does everybody now use lubricants because of that?

Also, I picked up a reprint of the owners manual and it shows using an SAE30 engine oil in the hydraulic system. Is that what I'm supposed to use?

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Here on the south east corner of Superior we do ocassionally get significant snowfall at -30* C. and colder in the early winter until the big lake freezes up some. I've been using the manufacturers recommended lubes , but my MF GC2310 will be due for an oil change at 450 hours this fall and I'm thinking synthetic for easier starting. The block heater isn't quite enough at those temps.

I've used Seafoam in my gas engines, but haven't used any additives in the diesel, yet. I get off road diesel in my jug, when I gas up on the other side of the border, and it has a little higher sulphur content.

I'd go with the manufacturers recommended hydraulic fluid. If it's like mine, it lubes the gears as well. My GT's use Dexron III for hydraulic and rear end lube, and there is nothing underpowered or lightweight about a MF1655. It weighs as much and works as hard as the 2310 in the winter.
Nobody more knowledgeable on the older tractors has any input or suggestions?

Especially on whether to really use engine oil in the hydraulic system or use Hy-Tran?

Any input/discussion is appreciated.


Grant :Welcome1:, I am going to copy this Thread over to the Lubrication and Filters Forum for some more replies.. :thanku:
Use the Hy-Tran in the hydraulics.

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