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oil leak bolens 1050 wis. 10hp

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My bolens 1050 has an oil leak, seems to be coming from the crank seal, but i might be wrong. It is coming out the botom of the flywheel housing, and the oil seemed to be a little high. are there any ports/vents or anything behind the tin? Also if it is the crank seal, will I have to open up the crank case to fix it?
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The crank seal in a TR/TRA10D is in the stator plate,it's held in by 3 bolts and usually comes out pretty easy.You have to get the flywheel off,then take the stator plate out,it's pretty simple.There are gaskets behind the stator plate that set the crankshaft end play,so you might want to get on or two when you get the seal,I've had pretty good luck on those reusing the old ones but you don't want to just use silicone sealer or something like that if you ruin one because it can make the crank run tight and ruin the bearings.
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