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Sorry but I couldn't bring them up closer. All filters are cut open to view the insides.
If you have a zoom feature, you can get a better look. The difference in some are quite amazing. PJ

The cheapest looking filters = All Fram & GM Delco I rate them very poor. Very small and loose eliments.
The best looking filters = These are number one in my book, very tight and large elements, Caterpillar, Fleetguard, NAPA Gold, Wix, Baldwin, Bosch, Mobil one, STP & Purolator.
The rest seem average.
Remember, some filters will lower oil pressure, some will indicate slightly higher due to internal valving. Not that it will hurt anything, just a note that some filters will do that. PJ

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I witnessed a Wix sales rep who proved WIX filters were superior to all the other brands we sold at a parts store I worked at,when he decapitated several of each different brands just as pictured here,with a pipe cutter..

After seeing how many other brands had inferior filtering elements,cheap "leaf" springs instead of coils to hold the element it place,some had STRING to keep the paper element from balloning,ans some lacked a anti-drainback valve,I vowed to use only Wix and Baldwin filters..since we stocked more of those 2 brands than any of the other ones,and bought them in bulk,the prices were usually very close or even less than the brands like Fram,Group 7,etc..

I liked AC filters too,but heard they went downhill when production was switched to mexican plants..I do not like using Fram filters after seeing whats inside them,but I have 2 to fit my truck I got as gifts,so I suppose I'll use them,but wont leave them on for long!..

We found the best "cheap" filters to be Champ,STP,(Champs in disgiuse!) and "Group 7" (made by Purolator)--and the Tech 2000 Wal Mart ones were compareable to these brands,even "LEE" brand filters were constructed better than Frams were..Hastings makes (or DID) a good filter too,but tend to be pricey at some places..however a farm store is the only place selling Hastings locally,yet their prices are cheaper than most department stores..

It pays to shop around for filters..but Wix and Baldwins are worth the extra 2-5 bucks you might pay over other cheapie filters..oil and filters are two things you shouldn't scrimp on,its a lot cheaper than a rebuild or a new engine..
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