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oil / filter deal at autozone

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I see autozone has a deal going.. buy their valvoline 5.25 quart jug of oil, and get a fram oil filter free. If you buy an air filter, get 2$ off that too.

if anyone here is using valvoline in their gassers you can't piece-meal this package together any cheaper.

just passing it along..

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Thanks for the heads up!! :trink39:

I will copy this Thread over to the Backyard Round Table Forum for more exposure.
[QUOTE=Ken N Tx;739466]Thanks for the heads up!! :trink39:

i use to work there, they always run deals like that. pretty good deal too. sometimes they offer a synthetic deal as well and it comes with a fram extra guard filter most of the time
I guess they have to get rid of those Fram filters somehow.
Wish they would include SAE 30 oil in one of these "deals"!..seems I can find 5w-30 or 10-30 on sale for 1.99 to 2.59 a qt,if I search,but usually the 30W oil costs 3.99+ a gallon because its not "popular" I guess..

Thanks for the notice,my car needs an oil change--only been since march 2005 that it was changed last!..but its only been driven maybe 4500 miles--still overdue though,in my opinion..I dont like going over 3-4K miles on an oil moms Caravan has gone about 8K ,due to me being fearful of the rusty oil pan tearing when I go to remove the drain plug!..I did put a filter on it and added a qt though about 4K miles ago..maybe it didn't help it much??..but it made ME feel better! least I did something!..
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