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oil filter choice 300 utility

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I have a 1956 International 300 utility and I am looking to change the oil.The nearest IH dealer is 30 miles away so I went to the local farm store(tractor supply)they show a fram C135 in the catalog has anyone used this filter before.Also do you think it would be worth the extra money to run rotella diesel oil for the extra zinc.I have heard that modern oils have a very low amount of zinc in them and that older engines need it.

thanks millman
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Nothing wrong with the Fram. I have used them for yrs. WIX are good also. I think I would Rotella T also but its not necessary. I think Id be temped to use just 30wt.You dont really know how much stuff (sludge) is in this engine. With the ROTELLA T which is a high detergent it may clean that engine and all that sludge will wind up in the pan and plug the oil pump screen. Trust me,been there done that.
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