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Oil fillers on 2305

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The other day when I changed oil on the 2305 I just noticed that there is a second oil fill. One is on the side of the block, (listed in manual) and the second is on top of the block.

The first 3 oil changes I used the one on top, the other day the side one since I wanted to use the air hose on everything after removing the front/side grill.

Which one does everybody else use, the oil goes to the same place?:thanku:
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I've always used the side one. Top one seemed like a hassle getting a funnel down to it... Somewhere in this forum, someone was negative on using the top one. Don't remember why. The oil still winds up in the pan. Just gets there quicker using the side fill so if you are using the dipstick to measure, you will wait less time for the real oil level if using the side one.
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I have been using the top one on my 2320 but read in the manual a while back to use the side one. The side one is sure easier to get to though.
No difference, just wait a little longer if you use the top. Only negative to filling in the top... bad valve seals will leak a small amount of oil into the combustion chamber. Good question question to ask.
I've used both and prefer the side one as it's easier to get too. slkpk
I've used both and prefer the side one as it's easier to get too. slkpk
Variants of these engines are used in marine applications, where engine access can be very confined (especially on sailboats, which don't usually give much priority to engine rooms.) Having multiple oil fill points improves accessibility. Other than convenience, neither one is better than the other.

Yes, the oil goes to the same place.:fing32:

These are great engines.
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