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Ohlsson & Rice, little 2 stroke engines

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I came across 2 of these little motors while picking up a K90 off of CL. These are little 3/4 and 1 hp 2 strokes with a generator and a water pump. Since buying these 2, I’ve been looking to buy more items with these little engines on them. So far I have found a chainsaw and a drill. Anyone have any info on these or items to sell? So far the list of equipment these were on that I've found include the four mentioned above plus, circular saw, boat motor, hedge trimmer, bicycle power, ice auger, dirt auger, snow thrower, mini bikes. tiller and leaf blower. I'm sure there are quite a few more.

Here's a video of the generator running

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I've got a Tiny Tiger (Ohlsson & Rice) generator also. I've been looking for carb rebuild parts....can't find any. Do you know of a source?


I did find a source for parts. It's the same guy selling the carb diaphrams on ebay. He also has many other NOS engine parts.
Here's another source for info on O&R stuff.
Check out the picture gallery, it shows some really cool equipment powered by these little engines
Just wanted to add an update for anyone looking for information or parts for Ohlsson and Rice O&R compact engines. New site is at
We are now part of the MoM forum which is a much more user friendly format than our old site was. Still plenty of pics for many applications of the O&R engines.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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