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oh looky here thats your problem

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so i go to start my 1032 made weird noises and had no compression. first i thought i stuck the rings or blew it up but odd thing was carb was spraying gas and flooding the passages. Removed carb nothing wrong removed head piston was good and clean,turned flywheel then saw what it was. funny thing is it didnt make a bang or clank last time i drove it around it simply ran outta gas i thought. simple fix installed new retainin washer it ran as good as it did


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That's gotta give you a good feeling!
That happened to me with a fourwheeler just a few weeks ago. problem is it's a chinese one so I can't find an exhaust valve or a retainer clip. just the whole frickin motor. :mad:
I've heard that most Honda parts work well in the Chinese engines, since they are cloned from the Honda designs.

Oh, and this site has some parts for the Chinese clones:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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