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Two guys talking about their boats:

One says:”do you do much fishing?”
The other says:”yes, we fish from my boat mostly.”
“That’s fantastic! What make of boat do you own?”
“It’s a Stamas sport fisherman. We take it out 20 miles or so and deep sea fish.”
“You’re really lucky, Stamas is a great boat, well built, a super hull design for open water and very reliable!”
“Yes, we enjoy it. What kind of boat do you own?
“I have a Bayliner.”

I was in the marina and boat business for 26 years and the happiest day of my life was when I sold the whole kit and caboodle! Mako's, Bayliners, Sea Ray's to name a few and Volvo Penta and Mercriuser outdrives kept us busy year around. We replaced many decks and many transoms in many different makes - some were very 'good' named and large boats that should never have had a problem. Seemed there was a rash of that problem in the 70's and early 80's. Much like the 'blister' problem on many larger (>30') boat bottoms. We attributed these flaws to the increased use of the chopper gun boat fabrication during that period and the lean resin mixes boat builders tried to get away with due to the oil shortage then.

Has anyone seen ChimChim?
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Simply put, blister problems are 100% related to poor construction practices and cheap resins.

Bayliner earned it's bad rep in the 70's 80's and early 90's. I think today they have come a long way but that well deserved rep will follow them for a long time!
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