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We got back from new years vacation and I went to plow a little snow with the 710. Turned on the key and . . . nothing, not even a click. Well, its been sitting for a couple of weeks and, just how old IS that battery? I have no idea. I took out the floating ball battery tester to check the cells and they were all dead. Hooked up the charger and it wouldn't even show charging.

I pulled the battery, took it to NAPA and they took one look and said "I don't even have to test it, this battery was installed in 2001, but I'll check it out anyway" His meter showed fully charged and the load test was OK. He said before selling me a battery to check out the connections, clean the terminals, etc. I took it home, re-hooked the charger and it read "fully charged" - that's why it wouldn't show any charging.

I cleaned the terminals I had cleaned a month ago, rehooked the battery, and then happened to look at the shift lever. Yep, the lever was out of position for the neutral start switch. I "always" leave it in the start position. Gosh, it cranked over and started right up. . . DOH.

Evidently I need to replace my 25+ year-old battery tester, and WOW! I have gotten 11 years out of a 5-year battery. AND - Oh yeah, remember to check THAT switch when it won't even click.
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