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I wanted to post this because first, I bought a used box blade that was a decision over a post hole digger and stone rake - more on that later. Secondly, the entire experience put another pin in the cork board on our farmland being taken over by housing developments in South Eastern Pennsylvania. I see more and more of this and the worsening regional traffic tends to prove it.

I routinely go to auctions to buy nearly everything we now own and mostly ever have owned over the past 20 years. The exception, of course is items like clothing, sofa's and mattresses. Regardless, we have done well, saved tens of thousands over retail and have possessions that will increase in value rather than wind up in the backyard burn pile or worse - landfill. I also have tools neatly tucked away that I don't even remember having - what a great country we live in.

To add to my own and ongoing list of toys I've bought, my latest score is a 6' box blade. I don't know what kind it is (forgot to ask!) but the farmer that helped me load it on my trailer said he got a lot of use out of it and I could see in his eyes it was one of the many farm implements he'd bought over the past 50 years to which he was saying goodbye that day. I promised to give it a good home, strapped it down and drove away.

There are a few auctions this weekend and over the past few weekends that listed stone rakes, post hole diggers and box blades. I got outbid on, apart from the box blade at least 6 items I felt we really needed so far. I use that as experience since I've become much better at gauging what the typical auction item will go in a specific environment, crowd attendance and of course condition. Never get too caught up in the moment! One item I probably didn’t even come close to getting was a Danuser Post Hole Digger which came with two augers in nice shape for $450. Another was a woods mower in very good condition that went for $280 – I probably should have kept going on both of those. Some stone rakes came up for bid as well that might have been too large for my JD 970 compact tractor.

So, to the point, hopefully you’ve read this far, I decided a box blade was the next logical step in getting our property to the condition where we can then put in a stone driveway extension and a 350` fence. I’ve included pictures of the box blade, maybe someone knows who the manufacturer is?

The box blade is getting new bolts, new hitch-style pins for the scarifiers, new 3-PT links since they are all bent up. I like to give things like this a good oil-down before it goes on the back or in storage as well. Full disclosure, I paid $420 for it which was a bit more than I wanted but then again some heavy-duty ones I've shopped around for new range in $800 for homeowner grade to nearly 2K for pro models with replaceable parts.

Anyone want to chime in on who made this, offer advice, comment on how long it takes me to get to the point .….Thanks.

EDIT - I'm not sure what the problem is with posting pics on this site but I rotate originals left, they stay rotated left. I leave them as-is, the rotate left. Please turn your head sideways, I'm done messing with


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