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now im confused

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i got a cub 1730 with a kohler mv188, previous owner broke cuplings in hydro rear, fixed that, now engine wont fire. it ran 2 weeks ago and was allowed to run out of fuel. i put in fresh, nothing. cranks and i get a gas smell. good spark, compression, and air filter looks good. what am i overlooking. evrything else "looks" to be in good condition. one question, does the fuel pump have to be primed on these? i know it has to be something simple, but i just come up blank. thanks for everything
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well, found out some info. had the previous owner here giving me a hand with it. it is getting gas, but only to 1 cylinder, but does get spark to both. he was saying that it wasnt spinning fast enough to start, but i had a 850cca truck battery hooked up to it and that didnt help. and i found out the selonoid didnt like that big battery, so thats on the list to get, along with a new fuel filter, thanks for the help everyone
im getting a full rebuild for this motor and carb, this way i know i got what i need. was looking into it last nite, and found a cracked valve spring, so its gonna be out of service for a little longer. thanks for the help
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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