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Now I have a reason to work on my 212

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First real post here.

I bought a very well used 212 a few years ago, and it finally seized on me this spring. So I found a block on ebay and a rebuild kit. And it sits, until now. I picked up an integral hitch for $80 this week, and have a lead on a pair single notch rear wheel weights and early front weights.
So now I need to start on the engine, and give everything a fresh coat of paint. While I have it apart, I'll throw some new belts and adjust the variator, I'll have to find the process for that later.
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Always nice to spruce these machines up a bit. Good luck on the rebuild and now that you have a sleave hitch you will be suprised at what these machines are capable of.
Yep, if I sell my chipper this morning, then I'm headed out to get some early 100 series wheel weights for $225. That's for the single notch rears AND the front weights.
Good luck with everything. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
Well, chipper is sold; meeting the guy in 2 hours to get the weights.

Does anyone know what the jd 10s carts are going for?
The prices vary wildly depending on location. My 10s I paid $50 for at an auction. I've seen them from $50 to $300 on CL. Not to say they got 3 bills for one. I would say to me one would be worth $100 to $150 max. The condition can vary a lot to. If there used heavily the can be pretty beat.
I'll have to email the guy and see what he wants for it, it's at a mower graveyard, where I got my integral hitch.
Got the weights.
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They look good and those are deere front weights but I think the rears are bolins weights. AFAIK deere didn't make weights with holes in them. However they work just fine and actually fit inside the wheel better than the deere weights.
I don't see any markings cast into them
I think the front weights are simplicity, they're marked 162097
I picked up a 110 rf today, with an integral hitch and a good deck on it.
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