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'nother newbie, ...

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Been a lurker 'round here for a couple years, as I've had my ol' LA135 LE for a few years & have always found good answers to tech issues on the site.

Decided to finally sign-up last month when I was actively looking for a snow blower or blade, & a snow cab.

Bought this snow blower locally, it was a few years old, but I don't think it had been used but once or twice. $400 on Craigslist!

Was searchin' for a Deere Snow Cab, but **** they're costly.
Ended up findin' this new-in-box multi-fit unit on Craigslist also & picked it up thru KC, MO area a couple weeks ago.

I used the blower a few weeks ago when we had about 5" & had so much fun movin' snow I did all 6 driveways in the cul-de-sac! (Without the cab tho.)

Now that I'm all set-up, ..., it's 50-degrees & no snow! :dunno:

Yea, I look like a fat-azz in the cab, but it's not a large mower either, ..., but works great for our little urban location! :fing32:


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Tractor looks great. :trink39::trink39:

Is that your garage or your kitchen?:dunno:

That`s either the nicest shop around or the most versatile kitchen ever! :fing32:

Nice tractor! Now if we can just get some snow.

And of course, :MTF_wel2:

Happy New Year :drunkie:
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