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Nostalgia For My 129

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Hey guys,

Just went through some pics from this summer when the 129 and I were trying to bring in some dough for the family. I had both my own customer's properties and also 12 other properties to maintain for a company that took care of foreclosed homes. I had to take pics of the properties for proof that I actually completed the work - here's some highlights from this summer:


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Great looking tractor. slkpk
Thanks, I sure do miss it :( If you look closely at the first pic, you'll see a haze of blue smoke behind me - that was the beginning of the end for the K301a....
Looks great Justin. Love the headlights.
I had wanted to do them right, have them mounted actually in the headlight panel, but I had a hard time finding a hole saw big enough to cut a hole for them. I used the brackets that came with them and bolted them to the headlight panel assembly, so they stick out like bug eyes but at least I could see when it got dark - and last season I was mowing after dark quite a bit!
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Funny, bug eyes was the first thing that came to my mind but I bet they work great. I've got to do something better with my 2084, plowing snow at night the stock headlights just don't do the job.

We had a 129 for a long time, strong tractor!
That is a nice tractor! Good to see a face behind the typing.:trink39: Those crome caps are sweet!
It was a sweltering hot summer. The 129 really got a workout before I retired it. The chrome caps came off an old Gilson that was rusting in a junkyard. The caps were completely chrome-less, were more rust than chrome when I got em. A wire wheel and some rubbing compound and they came back to life! Couldn't believe it. I miss the days where chrome used to be the "thing."
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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