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Some of My NOS Parts Pics and Numbers

Here's a bunch of NOS parts I have. The Red Seal stuff i don't even know what goes to. Here they are just to look at, if you know what some of those might go to let me know. I was just kinda picture cataloging everything and thought I'd share the pics with you guys.

OMC 609116 Can't find what this fits

OMC 677254 LB points 2 sets

OMC 679252 Late model C/D rings 2.375"

OMC 682340 F ground to run CD pack w/ original receipt from 1987

OMC 682986 F engine complete piston kit

Read Seal AA7-A-408

Read Seal AA7-A-407

Red Seal AA7-A-411

Red Seal AA7D304 and AA7D410

2 Red Seal AA7-A-408

Red Seal AA7-M-2990 and AA7-D-3150

Hygrade VN66U needle and seat
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