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Noob with 1940 9N lift problem

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Hi everyone. Nice looking forum. I run a similar forum for Moto Guzzi motorcycles. Anyway, not here to promote my site, but to introduce myself and ask a couple questions.

I just recently acquired this 9n so I could do small jobs around the house. After a bout with the electrics and rebuilding the carb, I finally got this thing running like a top.

Now, I cannot get the lift to work at all. The PO said he thought it worked when he parked it 3 years ago. Here is what I have did as far as troubleshooting goes.

I have drained the yellow and watery oil from the tranny/pump/diff cases and replaced with new 90W GL1 from TSC. Still no worky.

Then, I pull the access cover and work the control arm up and down but see nothing moving. Shouldn't something be moving when the arm is moved up/down?

The pump works as verified through a successful PTO test and turbulence seen through the access cover with engine running and pto engaged, so I believe the pump to be ok.

I bought the F04 book and read through it, but it really can be a little confusing to newbie tractor owners. Motorcycles are easier :)

Would it be best to pull the pump and give it a go over? This will be my first bout with hydraulics. I also have a Terramite t5c backhoe that has given me a little experience in the tractor maintenance world.

Anyhow, I would really appreciate some ideas on what to check or test next. Even after changing the fluids, it still looks a little bad, so I think I will drain it and replace it again tonight and maybe flush it with diesel. I don't want to to this often at $50 a pop though.

BTW, pics to follow.

Luap McKeever
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new discovery...when pushing and pulling the control arm past the little stop screw on the quadrant and the forks do move. So, I wonder if the PO just had them in the wrong place?
There is the answer!! The "stop screw" is to limit the travel of the lift..It should be loosened and placed lower on the Quadrant ..:goodl:
I thought about trying that, but seeing how it doesnt move the lifts anywhere I put the control arm, I think something else is wrong. Piston maybe?

Should I just pull it all out and have it rebuilt?

The piston is very easy to rebuild..

I have a video on "how too"..
Cool. How would one go about locating that video?
Its at YTMag..CLICK HERE..(DVD) Ford & Ferguson Hydraulic Repair DVD
Sorry SouNdguy. The tractor has been converted to 12 volts.

On my conversion, the PO only hooked up the ballast resistor and it is working fine. (2N)
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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