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Hey everybody, I have a few questions I'm sure you guys can answer. I'm looking for a JD and I'm not sure which one it might be.

I currently have a older JD 180 with the Kawasaki 17hp engine, it's been a beast except for a recent PTO clutch change and the occasional no start (sensor, I suppose). I can only run a 38" deck because of the trees on my property. The JD dealer indicated the older models were better and the 180 was a good one.

I am considering getting a larger and more powerful JD to pull trailer loads of firewood up the hill and plow/blow the snow off of the driveway etc as well as hopefully use the 38" deck and cut the grass.

I have a 9N now that I am getting rid of because I rarely use it, I would be replacing the 9N and possibly the 180 with this bigger JD. What older but larger models would you guys suggest I look into? I don't want a hydrostatic tranny, I need a clutch and gears. I've seen a diesel JD on occasion, I've owned a lot of diesel cars and trucks so tht would be bonus points. Other than that, I'm open to suggestion.

Thanks in advance -

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