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Hello folks,
I'm John and I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I just picked up an old Snowco 1154 trailer to haul around my golf cart to and from camp.
These are awesome trailers and from the looks of some of the posts I've seen here, they are quite desirable to have.
Mine is rough but solid. it will need to be taken apart and cleaned up and repainted. I am having the gravel guard made as mine was MIA. I will also pick up some fenders for it as those were missing as well.
Just wanted to say hi! and this forum is a wealth of info on the Snowco trailers.

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I recommend all new members read The Getting Started Forum while they wait for the site to finish the validation process. During the validation time you may also wish to browse around the site and find the forum(s) which seem to best fit your area of interest.

Again, :Welcome1: and enjoy our forum!

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:howdy: Welcome aboard John. Come for the info and help, stay for the camaraderie.Love the look of those trailers, the offset hitch and rounded front. :MTF_wel2:
PS: :wwp:
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