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No snow. What gives?

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Just looked at the ten day forcast and no white stuff! What gives? We go from a foot+ a storm last year, to one storm in october, to nothing! What a depressing winter!
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Sorry GT, but I'm just fine with it. Those storms every 4 days last year were fun for a while, but I can do without the snow banks, the ice dams on the roof, the narrow roads, the shredded belts, and the late spring associated with another harsh winter. Winter just started 9 days ago, don't worry, we'll get our classic Nor'Easters soon enough.
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Maybe for YOU it's depressing!--I just feel lucky I'm getting a month off ,from the back breaking labor every storm that comes our way brings us!...dont worry--we'll be getting plenty of seat time,regardless of the late start of'll probably snow till June seeing we "lost" a month of winter in December!..

I think we'll have a lot of cold DRY days and a lot of warmer rainy ones this winter probably,if it stays the way it has lately..good weather to catch pneumonia!..

Most of my machines aren't really "ready" for snow anyway...neither am I!...this is the first year in quite a few I dont have my trucks plow on yet--usually I put it on in November and leave it on till April at least...if we got no snow or not much,I'll be a happy man...
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I hope so. This is the first year I have a tractor to plow with, and I haven't been able to try it out! Our forecast looks much the same, but its flurrying here atm.
I have been getting plenty of seat time with my tractors- Driving them in and out of my garage to work out all the little bugs, and hauling wood. I could do with a few good storms a couple weeks apart,not pounded like we did last year. And the ice dams were a pain last year!!
Just looked at the ten day forcast and no white stuff! What gives? We go from a foot+ a storm last year, to one storm in october, to nothing! What a depressing winter!
Not one acorn this year......
Saw a squirrel with a mouthful of leaves heading for the holla in a tree out front. He was either evicted from his house out back or hasn't built a warm one yet.
The chipmunks in the wood pile have been stashing away chestnuts. They are the centers of the extra foundation blocks stored out back, in the wood pile, in the compst bin, even piled up on the lawn mower deck.
The robins are eating the blue berrys on the bushes, sooner than last year.
But, we got ice on the inner harbor (salt water).
By Saturday, 50 degrees! That will be a good day to put the chains back on.
Ground is finally frozen, sorta.
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The weather systems will be returning to a more "winter-like" pattern in about 2 weeks according to some of the ProMets. I had a male grackle at one of the bird feeding stations the past few days. He's about 2 months early.
yea the 318 all geared up.chains weight.s .blower on.guess what i ,m never gunna see a nother drop of snow.and right a bout the acorns.not a one on the big white oak.a couple years ago i picked five pails off the yard.i just hope it does.n hold on late into the spring.and ruin the fruit crop with the late cold it did last year.
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My beech trees have been pretty productive this year; my oaks have produced little if any acorns.
No winter in the 10 day forecast This could be the winter that never happened.
Yeah, theres not a single inch in Groveport, Ohio, i really miss last years 20+ in. snow storm or blizzard whatever you call em, i made lots of money that year, lol.
you guys can have it; I'll take 55* in Chicago all winter!!!!! no snow=no road salt!
The ProMets are predicting a relatively more "snow friendly" pattern change in about 2 weeks. We'll see.
Yeah, theres not a single inch in Groveport, Ohio,....

I might still have a 1/10" in the shade behind the house if you want to come down and look at it. ;)

60°F here today. We no doubt are gonna pay for this.
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Nothing in the next ten days here....
Still nothing in the forecast here

I'm right in the middle of that band, central NH.
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turns out alaska is hogging everybody's snow...
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