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No Snow; Got Bored

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Had a little free time on my hands with the lack of snow so far this season. Those sliding door panels are pretty heavy to lift so it's a rear entrance. It needs some insulation and water/heat collectors. It's staying put this season for field testing purposes. It will be moved to a more appropriate site after the site is further developed.


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now that.s a good use of these warm sultry days of January.better watch it does,n ignite with that sun blaring in through the glass.jk.
So the day after I posted the picture of my "project" I planted some leftover radish, lettuce, and spinach seeds. Today I checked the coldframe out and it appears that I/we may get an early "crop" of salad vegetables. I/"We" normally do not plant before Memorial Day.


now thats what i call thinking inside the box,ya sure they ain,t weeds coming up.
Thats nice I think I might do that also.
"ya sure they ain,t weeds coming up. "

That's a great question.
Started my seeds today on the south facing porch. Used 50/50 mix, town supplied leaf mulch and potting soil. Found my old peat pots and plastic bins, 288 plants started.
Thought about the cold frame with old aluminum storm/screen windows, I got enough laying around. Just where do I put it since the garden has been taken over by 2 blue spruce trees.
They are 2 nicely shaped trees, but nobody wants them, too big to move.
Need dirt but the dirt guy is closed.
Suppose I could try hydrofonic gardening until the tank springs a leak.
Thinking about barrels under the down spouts (again) with spigots and hoses. A little pre-mature,, but you can't rush into these things. :thThumbsU
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