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No snow and now the 112 is gone

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Did I make the correct desicion. Just sold the old '74 112. She's been in the family since '78. She had electric lift for blower, mower deck and rear tiller. Even had original chrome hub caps, **** it did I mess up. It just sits so it should go to someone to use and take care of it, right!

The 445 sits and waits for snow and they say its on the way, it better come tonight to help put my mind at rest.

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I think that if you don't need it. You made the right choice. Give it to someone who will use it for what it was made for.
Very nice looking setup and have fun with it. slkpk
Just Me I would Have Kept it always Like to Have a Back Up tractor Just In Case But the Tractor You Replaced it with Can Do all what the 112 did and More & Hydraulic Lift is always Better than Electric Lift IMHO:thThumbsU
I know the feeling of apprehension… I recently sold my 210 and 212 to fund the purchase of my 322. The 322 is awesome but I sure do miss that 210.:sad_02:

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You did fine. There are always more out there for less than you sold yours for. I have had to clean up lately, its hard at first, but does get easier.
I miss the 318, wish I could have kept is as my backup. I think you should have kept it, but I didn't keep mine so what do I know!
mmm Sorry.. you should have kept it.. yup this will sound harsh.. BUT in the family since 78... My wife was born in 77.. You should be ashamed of yourself.. Replacing it with just "another one" wont be the same.. sorry.. you asked.. I told..
Just a quick report on the 445. The old man I bought the tractor from did some cobble job to the blower and after a $200 bill, that thing loves snow more than I. Just keeps asking for more. I feel a little better.....

Forgot to mention that I have a LT 190 in the shed for mowing and set my parents up with the old LX 178 for snow, thats also my back-up..

Hope everyone else is doing well with the snow in Michigan, I now I'm better with it now.
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Did you mess up? No.
Should you have kept it? Probably.

As someone who survived a devastating house fire in 2008 losing approximately 95% of our possessions (married for 26-yrs at the time), in the grand scheme of things, losing it or selling it, it is just a possession that doesn't really matter. [Don't shoot me for that comment.] I parted with my first motorcycle, (1980 Honda CM400T), and a Bolens 1050 with deck, blower, & tiller that was in my family since the 70s. I do wish I had them both back. Instead I now have a 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic (bought new), a 90s JD LX176 new to me in 2009, and a new to me 318.

I have my health, an angel of a wife of 29+ years, and three beautiful daughters all out of college. I also still have the memories & stories related to the items I lost. It's probably better the 112 has gone to someone who can use it for its intended purpose. You still have the memories of being a caretaker of it for so long. Good luck & God Bless!
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Now here is a man with his priorities straight. :fing32:
Everything happens for a reason... some time we just don't see it at the time. Beabruin; glad everyone was safe and you are doing well.:trink40:
Man, Do I suddenly feel small and somewhat stupid.
Hope all keeps coming on the up swing for you and yours, I know now I'll be thinking differently for awhile.
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