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No clicking sound while waiting for the glow plug light to go out ?

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I have a Mahindra emax 20 hst. My question is, I don’t get a clicking sound when I turn my tractor on while waiting for the glow plug light to go out. It always starts with no problem, I just don’t get that clicking sound like I hear on other tractors when they waiting for the glow plug light to go out. Any help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to MTF Rick, glad to have you aboard.

Moved this to the Mahindra SCUT section, might get more action here.
I'm assuming the GP light is operating correctly (comes on when you turn the key on, then goes off after some amount of time, then you start the engine and away you go).

It depends on where the GP relay physically is, and what kind/brand of relay it is, as to whether you can hear it or not.

If you are worried that it's not working correctly, you could put a voltmeter on one of the GP's, then turn on the key, to check that it gets power while the GP light is on.
Yes... and just as important, that the juice stops at/after some time with the key on/engine running. It is possible the relay is stuck... if it's stuck 'on' you'll be replacing glow plugs soon.
most of the tractors that you hear a Ticking sound when key on/engine stopped are going to be machines that have an electric fuel pump, which makes a ticking or click clack kind of sound when it is pumping fuel. glowplugs by themselves make no noise.
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