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Ninja or gator??

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The gator has the "teeth" and rugged design but the ninja is like four blades in one.

Which makes the best mulching action? I wanna say gator but the ninja is intriguing non the less.

I have the option of using ninja on my custom made Toro..thats why I'm asking.
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Can't say that I've ever seen a Ninja blade. How about some photos and a report if you go with that brand?
I will....I have both lying around. I'll see how the ninja does on a Toro.
The verdict is in and........neither cut worth a dang on the Toro.:00000061:

The ninja cuts better than the hilift gator blade I have but I took them both off after extensive testing and I've got a stock Toro blade on and wow what a difference.

The Gator which was the biggest dissaopintment threw grass clippings and "fluffy" stuff around the edges of the deck right up towards the air filter on the Mikuni.....if you know how fussy a Mikuni is you don't want this happening.

The Ninja cut nice but there was some but not as much fluff coming up around the deck but that wasn't good enough for me so I'll have to get another Toro made gator like I use on the 22040. Till then, the stock blade was doing a fine job and the fluff stopped so that was good with me.

The only issue with using a Toro blade on the Snapper blade driver is its a slightly larger area for the driver to sit in so I'll weld some fill on the driver sides to make up the difference and on we go.

Pics of the Snapper gator and the ninja. The ninja is the one with two edges per side.

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Let me say this.....I'm sure these blades work great on the Snapper 21" push mowers in which they were intended. This was in no way shape or form fair to the blade when its on a deck design it wasn't intended.

The Toro blade is definitely designed to work best on a Toro deck and the Snapper blades were too.
this is why i wont do an engine swap unless i can use the orig blade and adaptor.
I hear ya....It was a trying matter that took quite a bit of patience and testing.
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