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Ninja or gator??

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The gator has the "teeth" and rugged design but the ninja is like four blades in one.

Which makes the best mulching action? I wanna say gator but the ninja is intriguing non the less.

I have the option of using ninja on my custom made Toro..thats why I'm asking.
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the ninja is made to work with the snapper deck so it may not cut well with out it. my rule of thumb-gator for leaves -ninja for grass. this is for snapper only
cool-some one else with a snapper LT ! i love mine to death and it cuts amazing with gators. i paid a fortune for mine used from a dealer but its turned out to worth it in spades. its far exceded my expectations for it. i have ninjas for it but havnt tried them yet .
this is why i wont do an engine swap unless i can use the orig blade and adaptor.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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