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Nice 1964 110 project

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This would be a nice project for someone with the space to put it. It looks pretty complete and not in bad shape at all for the age. I don't know a whole lot about the transmissions on these so I'm not sure if the thing being stuck in reverse is a huge deal, but I'm sure somebody on this forum with all the great knowledge could fix that easily. :thThumbsU
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Being the pessimistic type that I am when it comes to these kinds of ads:

"Best REASONABLE offer takes all! Don't by shy, wife says "It's gotta go" cuz it's younger than me!!"

reading between the lines it means "I dont want to tell you how much I want for it because then nobody would call."

I bet he wants more than $700 for it. I might be wrong... hope I am and some gets a deal. :)

I would also be worried about the trans being stuck from rust......:hide::dunno:

Based on the Kohler sticker and taking a chance the engine has been rebuilt I might pay 300, if I was closer.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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