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Newest guy from Connecticut.

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Originally from Michigan, Mason County, family farm in Lake County(Branch/Sable Station). My father had a 1927/30 Fordson with a 1932 V8 for power. Grandfather thrashed grain using a hired steam tractor, which was interesting to see operating. Have fiddled with engines and mechanical devices since I was a kid. Had a 1942 Indian 741B Army motorcyle, 500cc roller bearing engine, restored and sold it. Have had a 1940 Ford coupe which I restored and sold. Getting rid of a 1966 Galaxy convert and a 1979 ranchero part cars, holding on to a 1968 Ford Torino GT fastback, may part it out.
Inherited a 1970 Sears Custom 10XL, which I am cleaning up, will install a 12 Hp 1967 ST engine in it. Have a decent 1970 Suburban SS 12 which I am working on. In process of getting a 1976 ST 12 for parts or fix up.
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:MTF_wel2: Subbie, good to have you aboard here with us and enjoy the forums :rauch10:.
:Welcome1: Dick!! :howdy::MTF_wel2:

Enjoy MTF!! :trink40:
Greetings Dick & welcome from southern Md .

:MTF_wel2:Subbie, glad to have you here:thThumbsU
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