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Newer tractor cuts worse than older ones !!!

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As you can see I own 3 craftsman tractors. The old 42" cuts the best with all blades of grass cut and the lawn looking like a carpet. The newest 48" DGT6000 cuts the worst, leaving much uneven uncut grass. I'm on my 3rd set of blades and no change. I've tried high lift blades, Predator blades, and now Gator blades and its still the same. Is there a way to get my "new" tractor to cut nicer? How do the new 46" twin blade tractors cut?
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I'd suggest a thorough deck cleaning if you haven't already, and a careful deck height and leveling adjustment.

Verify tire pressure before you set deck height.
Deck is clean and level. Tire pressure is set right. I'm starting to think that 2 blade decks cut better than 3 blade decks. Is the blade speed the same on both types of decks?
I don't think there is much difference in blade tip speed between 2 and 3 blade decks.

Without being a Craftsman basher, I will say I was never pleased with the quality of cut on my DYT4000. My green tractor has an infinitely superior cut.
I _think_ I read here that the 48" AYP deck is a dog. Is the grass dry? How many inches are you cutting off? How fast are you cutting? The Hydro has a detent for max grass cutting speed.

It is purly conjecture, but maybe the tip speed on the 21" blade is faster than the 16" blade giving a better cut? You would have to measure the pulleys to figure that out.

I have a 54" deck on a Husqvarna mower and my lawn looks like a carpet when I am done.

Can you post some pictures?

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It is quite possible the the deck maybe warped, did you adjust the deck wheels correctly?
I do know that a triple blade deck can be hard to get a proper level because the wide deck can exasperate a uneven cut. Check to see if the deck is level at the cut hight that you are using, also if possible see if the blade hight is equal. It could be possible that the spindles maybe not setting the blades hight right.
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One check that I like to make with the engine off, pto disengaged, is to rotate the blades by hand to see that both blade edges lines up with the both adjacent blade edges. If there is a difference between the blade edge alignment, then you will get an uneven cut. Normally, if they don't align you have a bent blade or a bent deck. If you have a deck problem, you can shim spindles with washers to obtain alignment.
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My new PYT9000 has 48" deck and three blades. It was fired up couple days ago and put to work. The cut was even and smooth. The cutting level is set at 5 which is about 3.5".
My cut is very nice on my 54" cut. I will say I have never had as good a cut as my old 88 Wheel Horse 36" would cut.
54" here, absolutely no complaints.. cuts fantastic.. Cuts better than my 62" JD 7-Iron deck did, and that deck cost more than this tractor!
I will check the leveling of the deck and adjust the 4 wheels and hope this fixes the problem
OK, Here's the deal. Deck is level, adjusted deck wheels, scrapped all grass from under deck, removed baffle from under deck, installed Gator 3-in-1 blades and it cuts perfect. No striping, missed grass or clumping. I think it was a combination of all the above. I'm happy now !!!!!!
I have a 3 blade 48" on a dgs6500. I adjusted it per manual. Compared to a ingy 3018 48", bx 24 60" it's delivers the smoothest/finest and most consistent quality cut. The other two do a fine job but the sears at wot cuts even and leave no blade left standing.
The only time mine will leave a strip is if I try to mow full bore into a jungle! And the manual even states, if you are knocking down high grass, you need to cut it with the deck in the highest position and only cut half widths at a time, and I agree with that.

It does deliver a very smooth cut, I am very impressed with that aspect of the tractor.
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Put the tractor on concrete. Measure the deck from side to side to see if it is level.

Check tire pressure. I had a low tire causing your problem.

Take the deck off and measure the spindle length form the deck housing. I once had a mandrel that was a little off.

Put a streight edge across all 3 mandrels and see if they are in the same plane.

Check for bent deck.

If all that fails get sheep. :sidelaugh

My bet is that the deck is not level or you tire pressure is not right. Good luck. I have spent hours trying to get mine to cut right. I finaly got it.
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